How to write a thesis so that it goes through anti-plagiarism?

The last stage of a student career is a thesis. The supervisor gives an action plan, the student collects all the necessary information, makes calculations, draws up a thesis student, and finally wonders how to write a thesis so that it goes through anti-plagiarism.

We want to show that the student’s titanic work at the sunset of his student life can be eased several times and give advice on how to go through the anti-plagiarism of a thesis.

As in almost any other work, a thesis has its own structure:

  • Title page
  • Content
  • Introduction
  • The main part – chapters and subparagraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Additions to the main part

You can successfully find all the necessary material on the Internet, the library, or write most of the document yourself. Do not forget that acquaintances who graduated from the university a year earlier can be an excellent source of material for a thesis, and practical advice will help in difficult times.

Then make changes to the document, send the file to the scientist for verification. And finally, the question arises – how many percent of originality should be in the thesis.

Percentage of originality of the thesis 2019

2019, in fact, is no different from 2017 and most likely will not differ from 2019 in terms of student requirements.

Each educational institution sets its own percentage of uniqueness. Because this is the final work of the student, most often universities set high requirements from 80% when checking for

Our work experience confirms these figures, on average, students raise the level of originality for the thesis to 80-90%.

Sometimes the supervisor himself decides how much percent should be the uniqueness of the text of the thesis and you just need to clarify this information with him. The department to which you are attached is also required to know the exact “passing percentage” for the graduate. It’s simple – if you don’t know exactly what percentage you need, ask the supervisor, the department or classmates. In case there is no way to find out this information, do 90% of originality. We have not met a greater bar.

Check for anti-plagiarism

There comes a moment of truth – you check the text file on or in another system / program. The site makes the decision that you have too much plagiarism in the text.

“You are the weakest link, bye!”

In fact, everything is not so bad. So, the thesis does not pass anti-plagiarism, what should I do? For convenience, we will talk about two working methods that will save the student in 2019.

1. Furtum

An automatic service solves all your problems in a few minutes. Upload the document to the site, choose how much uniqueness should be in the thesis and download the file with high originality.

Most importantly, your document does not change. The text, markup and everything else remains 1v1 with the original file. The site increases uniqueness at the level of the program code of the document. After that, you will not have a question how to pass the test for the anti-plagiarism of a thesis.

2. Rewrite

By manually rewriting work, you can increase the uniqueness of a thesis.

It happens like this – you read the paragraph, rethink it and write in your own words the very same thought.

Pros: you will definitely increase originality sooner or later

Cons: provided that the average thesis is 70-90 pages, this will take you several days. You can order a manual increase in the uniqueness of the thesis, but the price for the service in this case can reach up to 8000 rubles.

There are several, though worth mentioning, less effective methods of raising anti-plagiarism, but we wrote about them in detail in another article on our blog.


For several years we have been communicating with graduate students. In fact, writing a work is not so difficult, considering what kind of life hack with anti-plagiarism deception we prompted you.

There are many incomprehensible things from the plan to the question of what should be the indentation in the word document (oh, this hated indentation! GOST can help you, friends). In fact, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. All questions are easy to solve, for example, our blog describes in other articles how to write an introduction, where to get material and much more.

Most often, the most difficult moments are the norm control of the thesis and the defense itself. After these stages, the question of how many percent should be the uniqueness of the thesis seems trivial.

On the defense before the commission, the future assessment depends on how you show your actual knowledge and competencies about the topic of the written material. Be sure to thoroughly study all aspects of your topic. Probably more than once already heard this advice, but it works. Have a good night’s sleep before the defense, and in the morning, with full strength to the university behind the treasured crust