Add uniqueness to the text without changing it

In all educational institutions of the country, student work is checked for plagiarism. High uniqueness of the text is the key to successful verification. We tell you how to add uniqueness to a crippled by borrowing work.

How to achieve text uniqueness

Check for Anti-plagiarism showed that the text is too much plagiarism? In this case, there are two main ways to increase the relevance of the text:

1. Rewrite

In simple words – manual text rewriting. Buy a coffee pass and get to work. The volume of the corrected text is approximately equal to the volume of the percentage of relevance received at the output. Those. in order to get 80% of originality, you need to rewrite about 80% of the text.

Methodology: read each sentence and rewrite it in other words, leaving the meaning unchanged. Example:

To: “Perhaps studying in a seedy university dulls the human brain”

After: “There is an opinion that studying at an ordinary university has a bad effect on brain function”

When changing a text, periodically check it for Anti-Plagiarism to monitor the percentage increase.

Add uniqueness to get 100%. True, this will take several nights.

2. Improving originality without changing the text.

The method is truly magical.

The familiar WORD program from the standard Office suite has a lot of secrets.

We learned how to change the source code of a document. It is enough to do several operations with the file to give the document any percentage of originality.

This can be done online. Over 4 years of work, we have honed the speed and quality of service. Processing takes place automatically in 3 minutes, without human intervention.

The service increases relevance without changing the letters, words and content of the document – everything happens at the level of program code, so the text remains the same.

In order to increase uniqueness, upload a document to the site, select the percentage of uniqueness you need.

Pay and immediately after payment download the finished file with high uniqueness, the same document will come to your e-mail.